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Please read below about our studs and our stud service. I can also help you sell your puppies once they are ready.


 He is AKC, APRI, CKC,.Teacup/Tiny Toy Poodle "Fire Chief" AKA CHEETO

Here is Fire Chief aka Cheeto. He is about 8" tall and 3pds. He is a nice red male from tiny lines and we get tiny pups from him. He is AKC registered and can be registered with any other dog registry as well. He is pictured here laying across the tractor steering wheel. He breeds fine to extra tiny girls, as well as larger dogs such as Cockers for Cockapoos. He is a good stud and will throw you gorgeous puppies if bred to your Poodle, Cocker, Yorkie, etc... If breeding does not produce a puppy or only produces one puppy a second breeding is free. His stud fee is $800 or pick of litter.

Micro "Kaydo"


Kaydo-Chocolate 2.5pds

Our tiny Chocolate stud is exactly 2.5 pounds and 6.5" tall. He is AKC, APRI, UKC, ACC, registered, and can be registered to any other registry that is needed. He throws tiny teacup and Toy babies,(between 2 to 4 pounds full grown when bred to a female his size). He breeds fine to my tiniest teacup females, and has also bred to Cocker Spaniels. He is a good stud and will throw you gorgeous puppies if bred to your Poodle, Cocker, Yorkie, etc... If breeding does not produce a puppy or only produces one puppy a second breeding is free. His stud fee is $800 or pick of litter.

"Barbosa / Giant Schnauzer"

Giant Schnauzr Sire-Barbosa 

Barbosa is a beautiful solid black Giant Schnauzer stud. He is AKC and APRI registered, and can be registered with any other registry. He is a trained service dog and we love him and all our pets very much so we ask that you have your dam checked for brucellosis before we breed them. If breeding does not produce a puppy or only produces one puppy a second breeding is free. His stud fee is $1000 or pick of litter. Our Giant Schnauzers usually have 9 to 12 puppies in a litter... He can also breed to standard Poodles for Giant Schnoodles. Ai is available if i have a female in heat that he will preform for at that time. Shipping semen is An additional cost so if you need it collected and shipped to you it is $1200 total. Below is a pic of a Giant Schnoodle.


(Giant Schnoodle) St. Poodle X Giant Schnauzer






Breeding / Stud Agreement


I, ( Kristina Jordan / Jordan Family Kennels, Treasures), agree to breed you’re female canine with our stud male. When your female is in estrus, (standing heat). Day one of breeding: You will bring your female to our home, and wait while the two dogs mate naturally. If your female is in standing heat it will only take a few minutes. Then you will need to bring her back on day three and day five of her receptive, (standing heat) week. Only one breeding is needed if she is really ready, but you can come back for an additional 2 more breedings if you desire during her week of standing heat. If female is not receptive to the male and is not in standing heat, or if breeding results in only one puppy an additional breeding would be free of charge. Payment/ stud fee is $800 -$1200 or pick of litter as stated below. If female is to be left at our home for a few days you will need to add $300 onto the stud fee. By signing this contract the female dog’s owner agrees that Jordan Family Treasures and Kristina and Robert Jordan are not liable in any way for the female dog while it is on their property in the case of injury of any kind and the dog owner is liable for any damage their dog creates to property or injury to other dogs or people. The Jordan’s will not pay for vet bills for any reason of the dog that does not belong to them and will not replace a dog if any injury accurse. The owner of the dog is responsible for their dog 100% while the dog is at the Jordan’s home in the owner’s presents and or absence. Bitch's owner agrees to allow for Kristina Jordan to AI, " Artificial Insiminate" the female if she deems neccasary.

If Kristina Jordan chooses money Stud Fee: (CASH ONLY PAID BEFORE BREEDING TAKES PLACE):

If we both agree on the money stud fee all money is due before breeding takes place. If you pay the stud fee and your female does not get pregnant after 2 breedings you are eligible for a refund of ($400) You may also choose to keep breeding your female up to 4 times with our stud, if she continually fails to become pregnant after this time, I would suggest getting your female reproductive testing.

If Kristina Jordan selects payment / fee to be pick of litter:

If we both decide on payment / fee to be pick of litter and only one puppy is born you can choose to pay the money stud fee or pay with that puppy, (if that puppy is healthy). In the case of only one puppy a second breeding will be free. If you select payment / fee to be pick of litter you must agree to the following.

You must have the puppy/puppies registrable with AKC, APRI, UKC, CKC, etc... or a hybrid registry if puppy is a Poodle cross. Puppy must be registered with the registry agreed to by both parties and stated below.

After being weaned from the mother you must have the puppy brought to us, through your own means: Such as you drop the puppy off at our kennel or you pay to transport the puppy to us.

The puppy must have it’s first set of shots and be checked by your veterinarian and certified healthy, and also have tail and dew claws cut as breed standard states.

To protect us from fraud you agree to the following:

You will have your bred female checked by your veterinarian at 55 to 60 days gestation to check if any fetuses are present. Just a general check is needed not an x-ray. You can also wait until 65 days and if no puppies arrive then you can take your female to the vet for a check on if she is indeed pregnant or not.

In the event of a puppy’s death or false pregnancy you must provide a veterinary statement that this female or dead puppy was checked and was indeed seen to be not pregnant or in the case of a dead puppy, that the puppy is indeed deceased, a necropsy is not needed, just a general professional check to see if puppy is dead.

You also agree to send us a copy of your vet statement / bill when you get your puppies’ dew claws removed stating how many puppies where in the litter. You will need to provide a copy, or show in person, a copy of your driver’s license or monthly bill in your name stating your current address. Please bring proof that your bitch has had all vaccinations required, as well as negative brucellosis test.

INTIALS OF FEMALE’S OWNER: _________________

By signing below you agree to all the terms and conditions of this agreement:

Your Female’s Breed:_________________________________

Female’s Name:______________________________________

Male / Stud’s Breed:___________________________________

Male’s Name:_________________________________________

Stud Fee:_____________ Date Paid:_________________

Puppies will be registered with________________

Female Owner’s Name:__________________________________

Signature if you agree with all above:_________________ Date:_________


Phone# _____________________________________________

Kristina Jordan:________________________________________

Jordan Family Kennels 816-682-0265 or 816-293-5155

Dates mating resulted in tie/lock/AI : & Additional comments:________________

________________________________________________         Kristina Jordan 816-293-5155 or 816-682-026


mail:alt or call 816-293-5155 or 816-682-0265